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Main narrative shows are released monthly. They cover the period 1815-1916.

Minisodes are released to dip into other topics. There's normally one of these a month

About me

I'm Chris Fernandez-Packham and I’m the host of the Age of Victoria. This is my first podcast. I’m a big history fan but not a professional historian. I’m a philosophy graduate, with post graduate law (CPE & LPC). I somehow ended up working for the British Civil Service in the Home Office doing project management and IT.

The Victorians are just one of my passions, along with table top wargamming (Malifaux & Dungeons and Dragons), playing guitar, cycling, and all things Spanish (including my wife).

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What listeners say

"Chris does an excellent job with what is, when you think about it, a HUGE subject. The Age of Victoria, as he notes in the intro, covers an incredible amount of history. The narrative is not only informative, it is also enjoyable. Do yourself a favor and start listening to this (and share it with your friends)."

"Fantastic podcast if you're a fan of history. Chris has an amazing voice and his passion for the subject matter never fails to draw you in!"

"I listen to a lot of history podcasts and this is one of my favorites. I've always been interested in the Victorian Era, but never had the chance to study it that closely. Great to learn more information about about this fascinating period. The host is knowlegable, winning, and clearly very enthusiastic about his subject matter. Really brings the material to life. It brightens my week when I see a new episode has been uploaded. Keep up the great work, Chris!."

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