The podcast is one year old today. Celebrate with listener questions (who should be on the Victorian Mount Rushmore?), poetry, trivia and many thank you’s to all my listeners and podcast buddies.



Here end the Napoleonic Wars. The revolution is over. France is beaten and it seems Britain is set to take over power in Europe, and perhaps the world. Learn how France fell, how the political battles ousted Napoleon & doomed the Marshals, and the final triumph of the great British Read more…



Happy New Year. A very short special: learn about how the Victorians did New Year, some old superstitions and why Auld Lang Syne was actually a happy song.   Don’t forget to leave an iTunes review or drop me and email.


TRANSCRIPT: Episode 004 The Emperor marches to war

  1. Here we are then. The scene is set. It must be war. The politics, the philosophy and the cultures of the European great powers are now to be decided on the battlefields. In many ways this conflict was about far more than Napoleon, or even the ideals of the French revolution versus the Ancien Regime. This is the climax of a clash that defined Europe since the discovery of the New World. Would Europe be a land empire, ruled by the French, facing the mediterranean and projecting power to the old core of Western civilisation, into the Balkans and the middle east, or would the British Atlantic facing international empire triumph. That might sound outlandish, but some historians have certainly viewed it that way. Britain had financed Prussia and other nations to attack the French to conquer French oversea's territories. William Pitt the Elder, a famous British politician had explicitly stated this aim "While we had France for an enemy, Germany was the scene to employ and baffle her arms." meaning that Britain would arm and finance continental powers to weaken the French to seize French oversea's colonies. (more…)


Minisode 005 Big Ben

The story of the most distinctive clock and bell in the world. Learn how a tragic fire, and a  brilliant Victorian rotter, gave us the iconic Big Ben. This minisode details the great fire at Westminster, the rebuilding, commission of the clock, the troubles with building, and the great scandal Read more…

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