TRANSCRIPT FOR Today’s episode is a full episode and a return to the narrative where we left it in February at the end of the battle of Waterloo. Since then we’ve done a special episode on battlefield surgery and then we did an episode on the amazing Annie Besant Read more…


TRANSCRIPT: Episode 008: Imperial Sunset – Waterloo Pt 3

LISTEN HERE: OUTLINE: The position of the French attack. Charge of the Scots Grey, and British Heavy Cavalry Brigade. Lady Elizabeth Butler “Charge of the Scots Greys.” French chaos, and the grand battery overrun. We shall match them with our lancers: French counter charge. The day grinds on. The greatest Read more…


Episode 001 Britain & Europe in 1815

This is the first full episode. It covers the situation in Europe in 1815, and gives a feel for life in Britain on the eve of the great events of the last campaign of the Napoleonic Wars. I’ve now added the transcript of this episode at…tain-europe-1815/  


100 Days campaign map 01/06/1815

This is the map of the campaign as it opened on between 1st June 1815 and positions adopted by 07:00 on 16th June 1815. Napoleon was aiming to seize the Central Position between Wellington and Blucher. The Allies were spread out and had to work fast to concentrate their forces before Read more…

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