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After the bloody day of Waterloo, many soldiers found themselves in need of a doctor.

Learn how the wounded were recovered, treated and operated on in the aftermath of one of the great battles of European history. The pain and near butchery would be horrific, but the lessons learned would lead to ground breaking advances that would save many lives.

Join me to find out about how an amputation was carried out in the age before pain killers or infection control.

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Nadine Ogilvie · 2018-06-26 at 13:23

Nadine here, all th way from Ballarat Australia. My town is famous for the 1850’s gold rush. Thank you for your podcast. Absolutely loving learning about Victorian history through the lives of everyday people and those history making people.

    Age of Victoria · 2018-06-26 at 20:02

    Hi. I’m thrilled you’ve found the show and are enjoying it. I’ll definitely look Ballarat up and see if I can find some interesting related Victorian history to include in the show.

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