Episode 004 Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte marches to war!

In the trouble world of 1815, there can be no peace in Europe. Napoleon must go to war. Join me in discovering how the storm clouds of war that had gathered over Europe finally broke.

This episode covers

An introduction to the position of the forces on 14 June 1815

How the armies began their open moves and the views of the key players.

A description of how the chaos of war was both tamed and unleashed.

Why Napoleon was making the best moves of the war and Wellington was making the worst.

The start of the battles, and confusion in command

Finally the crucial meeting on the eve of 16 June 1815, and how French gold opportunities were lost.

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1 comment on “Episode 004 Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte marches to war!

  1. Shelly says:

    Where can I find the mentioned map? Maybe there’s an incompatibility with my iPhone but your map page looks totally empty.

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